We deeply care about the environment, animals, and ethical fashion.

Our commitment to these values is evident in each of our products. We've established an online store where you can explore a range of bags, accessories, and merchandise, all crafted from high-quality vegan materials.

By choosing Ampela Art, you are opting to support fashion that respects the planet and its inhabitants while staying at the forefront of style. Explore our collection now and make a statement with ethical fashion through Ampela Art.

Ampela Art

For several years, we have been engaged in manufacturing and distributing raffia and leather goods in both local and international markets. Currently, we are in the process of creating a novel collection of eco-friendly products that integrate raffia, jute, sisal and cork (vegetable leather) from Madagascar.

Ampela’art’s objective is to contribute to the creation of added value in Madagascar, to advocate for the empowerment of the female gender, and to establish and cultivate a sustainable, win-win partnership with every partner, collaborator, and customer

Promoting the skills of Malagasy women provides consumers with a selection of elegant and trendy eco-friendly products. All products are 100% environmentally friendly.

Since our inception, we've consistently recognized authentic richness as stemming from our commitment to forging harmonious connections. Throughout the years, our driving force has been the intention to draw out the best within ourselves. We express gratitude for cultivating enduring, respectful, and honest relationships with all those around us.

At the core of our team lies a central goal: to safeguard a fashion that celebrates the human essence within us all. Our esteemed collaborators, spanning craftsmen, dyers, producers, and more, actively engaged with the brand, share a profound passion and clear comprehension of our authentic vision to elevate our heritage. They constitute the cornerstone of our approach, giving substance to our commitment.